Apr.,1970 Established under the name of Sakuma Works at Katano-shi, Osaka.

Started manufacturing of mechanical parts.

Aug.,1973 Built a new headquater office at Katano-shi, Osaka.

Started R&D and sales of coil winders and labor-saving equipments for coil winding systems.

Oct.,1975 Joined Nittoku Group, manufacturer of coil windeing machines.

Changed company name to "Katano Nittoku Engineering"

Stated developing of motor coil winder and related equipments.

Nittoku Group in charge of sales .

Feb.,1980 Developed NO350WL a 2 coil winder for ceiling fan.

Sep, Built a new office at Yawata-shi, Kyoto.

Feb.,1981 Developed NO350-3H an outer-rotor coil winder for direct-drive record-player motor.

May,1982 Developed for the first time in the world NO351AR-5F a 5 full automatic

outer-rotor coil winder

Jul.,Developed a nozzle-type outer-rotor coil winder. (patented)

Jan.,1983 Developed NO351AM-5F a semi-auto motor coil winder.

Aug.,Ceased to be a member of Nittoku Group.

Oct.,Changed company name to Bestech Kyoto Co., Ltd.

Group company, Bestech sales Co. in charge of sales.

Jan.,1985@Developed BH600-6F a 6 flyer CNC coil winder.

Feb.,Developed for the first time in the world BM371AK-WF a double former type coil winder correspond to outer-rotor odd tease coil. (patented).

Oct.,Developed BM371AK-7F an automatic Terminal pin binding coil winder.

Feb.,1986@Developed BM300-WS a 2 motor coil winder.

Jun.,Developed BY-600 a twister.

Sep.,Developed DH-600 binding type.

Feb.,1987 Developed BM-7000 series.

Apr.,Changed company name to Altech Kyoto Corporation as Bestech group was reorganized,.

to Manage to direct system of manufacturing and sales .

May,Developed AL-451AM-5F a 5 motor coil winder.

Oct.,Developed AL-353 a bold wire outer-rotor coil winder.

Jan.,1988 Developed SERIES Al-800 an spindle-rotation type specific bold-wire coil winder.

Oct.,Developed SERIES AL-SP an automatic terminal pin inserting machine.

Dec.,Developed SERIES AL-1001DR an automatic solder.

Feb.,1989 Developed SERIES AL-700 an inner coil winder.

Jul.,Added a binding typeo SERIES Al-7100.

Mar.,1991 Added a full-automatic type SERIES AL300WS.

Apr.,Developed AL-150T an automatic taping machine.

Mar.,1992 Developed AL-703 a bold-wire inner-coil winder.

Jun.,Developed AL-7300AK a 8-binding type coil winder.

Jan.,1993 Established Seoul Office in Korea, expanding export business .

May,Developed SERIES AL-1022 a small precision motor coil winder.

Aug.,Developed AK-8200 a 8 spindle rotational type coil winder.

Dec.,Added a full-automatic type to SERIES AL-1022AR.

Dec.,1995 Developed AL-1032FNa a Cone-flyer type aligned coil winder.

Jan.,1996 Developed AL-1024AK a 4 binding type coil winder.

Mar.,1996 Developed a CD-ROM full-automatic free-flow No.1 manufacturing line.

Apr.,1996 Developed AL-707 a 2 inner-coil winder.

May,1996 Developed AL-353-1FL a large-sized, aligned bold-wire coil winder. (patent pending).

Jun.,1996 Opened our home page .

Srp.,1996 Developed AL-2021 a 2 mid-sized-wire motor coil winder.

Oct.,1996 Developed a CD-ROM full-automatic free flow No.2 line.

Nov.,1996 Developed AL-353-FNC a nozzle-type bold-wire aligned coil winder.