SERIES AL-353 outer-rotor bold-wire coil winder

MODEL AL-353WD-1F, 2FNC CNC controlled coil winder (Patented)

These bold-wire winders are specially designed for direct winding of outer-rotor coils of dynamo of automobile (autocycle) .


(1) Stable winding close to an aligned coil winding by a flyer system and a special guide(former).

(2) No loss of operation time: By 2 divided rotary index, the operator may load/unload the core at the same time of the winding.

(3) Introduction of CNC controlled head allows the input of any program at a production site.

(4)NC controlled indexing of the core fully accomodate to the core with odd divided angle.

(5)Quick change of core type, arrangement, former etc.: It is also suitable for a small-number and Various production.

(6)The capacity of setup for winding number, traverse width, pitch etc. is standardly equipped with 4 channel each.

(7)Dialogue style interface by coil-winder language input with a specially made flat keyboard.

(8)There are two models. The WD-1F has 1 spindle. The WD-2F has 2 spindles.


Number of spindles

1 or 2

Tap pulling

automatic (pluralization is possible)


planetary gear fixed



Main motor

AC servo


standard (AL-3) powder clutch

Spindle rotational speed

1,000 rpm MAX

Work sizes

core O.D. 160mm MAX, layer thickness 40 mm

Work table

2 station

Wire sizes

1.2 mmMAX

Traverse pitches



W 800(1,200) x D 1,500 x H 2,000

Core Index

free choice by NC control


1F - 600kg, 2F - 1,,000 kg

Orignal control method developed by Altech Kyoto is employed.

The above specifications are subject to chages in our improvements without prior notice..


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