SERIES AL-1000 for multi-pole stater of small-sized precision motors.

MODEL AL-1024AK CNC controlled coil winder.

(includes a 4-head and 2-turn table)

Model AL-1024AK is a high-performance coil winder with a mechanism of terminal pin binding,that was speciallly developed for small precision outer-rotor type motors used in HDD,FDD,CD-ROM etc..


(1) High operation efficiency by automatic cutting and holding of copper wire, where the operator is only required to load/unload the core.

(2) To improve the reliability and productivity, it has a 4 spindle NC controlled AC servo motor.

(3) The development of S-shaped curve binding program allows a high-speed and precise operation.

(4) The perfect exclusion after terminal pin binding makes free from the rolling-up.


Number of spindles

4 ( each runs simultaneous )

Thickness of core layer

15mm Max

Flyer rotational speed


Wire sizes

0.3mm Max


free choice by NC control

Control unit


Traverse travel

100mm max


W 800 x D 900 x H 1350

Outer dimeter of core

40mm Max

Weight approx.


The above specifications are subject to chages in our improvements without prior notice..


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